« Grombre », le compte Instagram dédié aux femmes qui assument leurs cheveux gris

"Grombre", le compte Instagram dédié aux femmes qui assument leurs cheveux gris

« Grombre », jeu de mots entre « grey » et « ombre », est la tendance capillaire qui célèbre les cheveux gris naturels. Le compte Instagram du même nom met en lumière les femmes qui assument leur chevelure argentée. 

Par paresse ou par conviction féministe, nombreuses sont les stars américaines qui assument leur chevelure argentée, motivant d’autres femmes à assumer leurs cheveux poivre et sel.

En France, Sophie Fontanel s’est érigée en grande représentante du mouvement. Dans « Une Apparition », publié en 2017, la journaliste et chroniqueuse décrivait le process qui l’avait conduite à revenir « au naturel ». Entre autres missions de son mouvement « Going Grey »: s’accepter telle qu’on est, et s’opposer à la dictature de la jeunesse.

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“My natural gray hair journey started In my early twenties when I began to notice gray hairs popping up right above my eyes in the front. Like everyone else, I saw them, panicked and quickly started dyeing my hair to match the rest. I hated everything about dye – the chemicals, the smell, the stinging and that horrid demarcation – the whole process awful! I began to ask myself why I couldn’t just leave them and wondered why no one did – I mean George Clooney didn’t count. I thought of myself as that fearless girl that could go against the grain buy still took almost ten years to get up the courage. By 35 I was finally sporting my natural brown hair with a thick gray streak in the front. The reaction from others was not exactly what i expected. I heard everything from ‘you should dye your hair or you’ll lose your husband’ to heartfelt sympathies about how sad it was that I had gray at such a young age. I confess I could not take the comments and soon caved. I went back to dying it – this time a JLO blonde to help blend and hide them longer. I told myself I would let myself go gray at a more socially acceptable time like retirement. It wasn't until I started to see pictures of other woman proudly showing off their gray hair, that I realized that I actually really loved the way it looked. The woman in the pictures were proud, there was no shame and I began to feel inspired to follow the same path and show others that gray hair is beautiful and vibrant. I took the plunge, stopped dying, cut it to a short bob and started the transition. Now, dye almost completely gone, I feel great and free. No looking back and truly happy to be showing off this part of me. My hair is a symbol of my own growth and self acceptance. It reminds me that it’s important to love yourself; bare, vulnerable and strong. Beauty comes in so many wonderful and unique ways. Your posts helped me realize that.” @caro_ximenita #grombre #gogrombre

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Passer fièrement au gris

Parce que les femmes célèbres ne sont pas les seules à assumer leurs cheveux argentés, un compte Instagram, intitulé « Grombre » (contraction entre les mots « gris » et « ombré »), a vu le jour et compte désormais plus de 90.000 abonnés.

Un projet initié par Martha Truslow Smith, une graphiste américaine de 24 ans qui a décidé d’assumer ses premiers cheveux gris. Elle y met à l’honneur toutes celles qui ont décidé de passer fièrement au gris. L’objectif? Décomplexer les femmes et arrêter d’associer les cheveux grisonnant au temps qui passe.

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“I got my first gray streak right in the front center of my hair. It seemed my Mom and I were the only ones to appreciate my boldness and the trendsetter I pride myself on the gray/silver began. Of course I got the "you would look younger if you dye your hair." Me being an older parent, my young son thought the gray/silver hair made me look older than his dyed hair classmates mothers. For his sake , after it got more streaks I decided to put a rinse on my hair. I did it twice, it was beautiful and I looked younger but quickly realized that at my age I wanted to look great not necessary younger. With my confidence and head full of silver/gray hair I've begin to get more and more compliments as my hair color changed. Being myself, embracing my beautiful strands way before it became a thing has been and still is the best glamour decision I have ever made.” @vickieheath_ #grombre #gogrombre

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